Is Gymworks Occupational Therapy right for my child?

We work with children who have a range of developmental coordination difficulties affecting their fine/gross motor skills and functional skills such as eating and dressing; plus those with motor dyspraxia, handwriting problems, processing challenges and attention difficulties. If your child is struggling with activities that other children seem to do naturally, you should arrange an appointment for a detailed assessment of your child’s needs. Our occupational therapy programme is clinic-based; we don’t offer regular home-based therapy, but we do occasionally work with children in their school if we believe this would be beneficial.

Do I need to have my child assessed before starting occupational therapy?

Yes, the first thing we do is perform a developmental assessment of your child to identify specific needs and determine how to best help them. If occupational therapy is recommended after the assessment, you’ll be offered a choice of several session times. If your child has already been assessed by another occupational therapist, we’ll be able to use their report.

My child has dyspraxia, can Gymworks help?

Yes, we specialise in motor learning problems such as dyspraxia, and our facilities and programme are designed to help children overcome these challenges.

Does my child need a doctor’s referral to enrol in your occupational therapy programme?

You don’t need a doctor’s referral to use our services, unless your child is eligible for the Medicare Extended Care Plan. Our occupational therapy programme qualifies for five sessions under this scheme, with a referral from a GP.

Do you offer one-on-one sessions?

We don’t usually see children on a one-on-one basis since the child’s performance as part of a wider environment is a core aspect of our approach. Instead, we offer individually-focussed group-based sessions.

Are your occupational therapy services covered by private health insurance?

Yes, our programme is covered by all private health funds and by the Medicare Extended Care Plan. However, we’re not registered as an autism preferred provider and our services aren’t eligible for FaHCSIA funding for autism.

Does my child need to attend each week?

Yes, our occupational therapy programme runs for a term of eight weeks. If you’re unable to attend a session, we’ll do our best to arrange a make-up session. At the end of the term, we’ll discuss options for future therapy if it’s deemed necessary.

Do I stay with my child during the session?

It’s a good idea to stay with your child initially until they feel comfortable with the new setting. Once they’ve settled in, you can choose to stay or wait in our air-conditioned waiting room, which has large viewing windows. We recommend that you observe as many sessions as possible so that you get an understanding of how we work with your child and learn how to apply some of our methods at home.

When do I need to pay for my child’s occupational therapy?

The eight-week term fee is payable in full in the first week of term. Other services, such as assessments, reports and school visits can be paid for as they’re needed.

Can I bring my other child/children with me?

We have a waiting room where other children can play while they wait for their brother or sister. You’re also welcome to take your child/children to the playground opposite our centre, next to Lake Monger. But please note that other children cannot play in our occupational therapy gym.